Corsol strives to provide an immersive experience to our client’s audience for better brand recognition and recall. Forever looking to provide a boutique experience to every brand we work with. Every project we undertake is unique and requires a different thought process. 

We understand the needs and requirements of the brand’s messaging before envisaging concepts that work in synergy with their long term goal, while being different at the same time. 

Our brand specific concepts are backed up with years of experience in executing projects flawlessly. What we envisage, is what you get! We are your partners in delivering successful and bespoke experiences. 

Who we are

We are an enthusiastic young team with over 40 years of collective experience.

Corsol comprises team members who have joined hands after years of work experience in the event industry and has knowledge in event production, creative excellence and superior planning and execution.

Corsol is a name that has been behind many successful Expos in India and has been organising events for top brands, government bodies and organisations.

What we do

Our major expertise is in organising International level of Exhibitions and Events.

We have set standards within the industry in planning and managing multi-day Expos and Events by giving end-to-end solutions to our clients. 

We also have a dedicated team that provides Visual Solutions to the corporate sector and brands. Photo and Video Shoots, Designing Creatives, Collaterals, Brand Videos, VFX and Animations are some of the customized solutions.


– What we believe in –